The SIGILANCE OpenPGP Smart Card is designed to work with the open source ecosystem of OpenPGP technologies. On different platforms, you’ll end up using different tools, which are outlined below.

Using SIGILANCE on Android

On Android, you’ll use the OpenKeychain application for key management, as well as the K-9 Mail application for secure email. You don’t need a smart card reader to use your SIGILANCE card on Android. Setting up your smart card on Android is easy; check out these guides for different workflows:

Using SIGILANCE on Windows

Use of the SIGILANCE smart card on Windows requires a smart card reader.

On a Windows PC, you’ll want to use gpg4win, which includes a number of components that enable email and file encryption:

  • GnuPG, the essential cryptographic software that underpins your encryption system. This includes the command line interface that helps you generate your key and move it to your smart card.
  • Kleopatra and GPA, a pair of tools for managing OpenPGP certificates.
  • The Claws Mail client, which works out of the box with your SIGILANCE Smart Card.
  • GpgOL, a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that provides cryptographic functionality.
  • GpgEX, a plugin for Windows Explorer that allows encryption and decryption of any file on your file system directly within Windows Explorer.

Using SIGILANCE on the Mac

Use of the SIGILANCE smart card on the Mac requires a smart card reader.

On the Mac, you’ll want to use the GPG Suite from GPGTools. It includes the following components:

  • MacGPG - A Mac-specific port of the essential GnuPG cryptographic software, which includes a command-line interface and all the tools you’ll need to generate your key and copy it to your card.
  • GPG Keychain - An open source application for managing your OpenPGP keychain.
  • GPG Services - A set of services for the Finder that allow signing, encryption and decryption of any file within the Finder.
  • GPG for Mail - A plugin for Apple Mail that brings cryptographic functionality to the familiar Mac Mail client.

Advanced GnuPG Workflows

  • If you have a master key that uses an incompatible algorithm or key size and wish to generate a smart card subkey, this guide covers adding smart card subkeys to an existing key.
  • If you wish to use the on-card key generation functionality to securely generate a more key WITHOUT A BACKUP, this guide covers on-card key generation.